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7 tips for choosing your HR software.

 7 tips for choosing your HR software.

New technological tools reach all departments and implementing them in companies is essential to get the most out of and facilitate the work of your staff, especially freeing up or streamlining administrative tasks for department managers.
The HR department is essential and must lead this digitization to focus efforts and dedication on people. Its objective is to promote a good work environment, in which communication and relationships between employees, departments, ... develop within a framework of collaboration and respect.

What should your HR software have?

In the market there are many options to digitize human resources departments, so it is very important to be clear about what we want our software to contribute, to identify objectives and priorities.


For this we leave you some tips that are sure to be very useful when making a decision.

1. Know the needs of the company.

Each company has workloads in different areas. Knowing the points where a tool that saves time and simplifies these processes is most necessary is essential to determine the functionalities that the software should have. For example, having an automatic payroll submission system is a functionality that saves a lot of time and minimizes errors in shipments, since it is a task that requires a lot of dedication and that handles sensitive information that cannot be faulty.


2. Data security and where we want to save the data.

The information generated by the Human Resources department is very sensitive and we have to assess this point when deciding one system or another. For example, the systems that store data in the cloud are very secure and accessible from any device and you don't have to always be aware of backups.


3. The number of employees.

The cost of the tool can be set according to the workers of the company and is an important factor for decision making.

4. You have employees on the move or telecommute.

There is HR software that has all its functionalities also accessible from an app, allowing workers to continue being connected to the company and making teleworking possible. Providing the staff with powerful communication functionalities, vacation requests, travel expenses, signing in with the mobile, ... everything they would have on the company's PC available on their own smartphone or from any PC.

5. You need a system to record the day.

Since last May 12, 2019, it is mandatory for companies to keep track of the employees' working hours. Having this functionality in the same tool should be something to value for decision making, unifying everything in one software is more comfortable for workers and for the company.


6. Assign administrator roles within the tool.

You need to have different roles assigned within the tool so that they can manage schedules, shifts, vacations and requests by department, work center, ... For example, that each coordinator or head of section can monitor their team and that You can manage it from the HR software and also do it from the HR app or portal.

7. Internal communication.

It is a functionality that should not be lacking to communicate with your team in a professional, efficient way that encourages collaboration in your company is vital for any company, and this communication must be segmented by teams, departments, ... and bidirectional, of the company to the employee and vice versa.


If you want more information, ask any questions or know more about human resources software, contact us.


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