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This is the easiest human resources portal to implement

This is the easiest human resources portal to implement

When choosing a human resources portal, we have to bear in mind that it must be easy to implement, but above all easy to use by workers who, after all, will be the main users of our portal.
An employee or human resources portal should cover the most important needs related to workers. And companies have to give all the facilities to adopt the portal as an internal communication tool.

Tweem is a complete human resources software that allows the company to manage communication with employees from anywhere.

In addition to being a very complete human resources portal, it is very easy to implement for any company, regardless of size. It does not require infrastructure or additional equipment since it is a pay-per-use program in the cloud (SaaS) and multi-device. That is, users can use it from their mobile, a tablet or from the PC in the office.

Tweem is one of the easiest portals to implement for the following reasons:


1. It is intuitive, very easy to use and understand without the need for prior knowledge.

The human resources portal must be usable both for human resources personnel, as well as for office people, managers, managers and factory personnel. In short, it must propose an attractive user experience for the entire workforce, that is, for users with very different profiles.


2. It is multi-device, accessible from any device, PC, tablet or from the mobile application for iOS and Android.

A HR portal should be accessible to everyone, including workers who are not normally in the office. This group includes those who telecommute and those who are traveling, and it also fits with the BYOD policy since it works with any type of mobile or desktop device.


3. It allows you to access information quickly and easily.

A careful user experience makes it easy to locate relevant information without spending a lot of time; and that you do not need to consult a third person, that is "self-service". All relevant information for the worker and for the human resources department will be instantly accessible.

In addition to being easy to implement, we want a complete employee portal. That it offers us the main tools in a single platform. It is important so that it is better received by the company's staff.
If an employee needs several apps or platforms to communicate with the company and with their team, it will cause them not to access them or only access the essentials. For example, imagine that a worker has to access an app to sign in, another to see their payroll, another to request days off and see the balance of their vacations, another to read their communications, ... The first thing we appreciate is that It will take much longer to carry out any consultation or management and if we transfer it to the administration or human resources area, the loss of management time is even greater.
If we want our choice to be a success, in addition to looking for an easy-to-implement human resources portal, we will check that it is as complete as possible.


Pportal de recursos humanos mas facil de implantar int

The main features of Tweem are:


1. Transfers from the mobile with the employee app.

All the management of the record of the day with detailed reports. Allow your employees to sign in from their own mobile, from their PC or from a facility access control device.


2. Management of requests through the employee portal.

Manage requests for vacations, days off, travel expenses, allowances, overtime, change of personal data, etc.

3. Request to sign documents with legal validity.

Request the signing of contracts, payroll, circulars, ... and employees will sign easily and quickly from their mobile.

4. Manage and centralize all human resources documents in a single tool. 

Have the documentation digitized improves the quality of work and productivity of all members of the company.

5. Centralizes and professionalizes the internal communication of the company in the human resources portal.

Send communications, surveys, talk from the chat, ... a single corporate channel through which you can communicate with your entire team in an agile and efficient way.


Do you want to know if Tweem's human resources portal is what you are looking for? Try it for as long as you need, up to 15 workers is free with no time limit.

Sign up for free at Tweem and see how easy it is to set up a human resources portal.

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